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Introduction top

Harlow District Council spends approximately £24 million each year on goods and services. This represents some significant opportunities for a wide range of businesses.

In order to provide information and convenient access to these opportunities, to a wide range of businesses, Harlow has set up a procurement portal. The Portal allows companies to pre-register their interest in working for the Council, and the wider public sector in Essex, and complete an on-line pre-qualification questionnaire. To register an interest click on the Suppliers button and follow the link to the BiP Select registration system. Whilst using the portal is not a guarantee of success, it will provide potential suppliers with comprehensive information and the opportunity to offer informed quotations and tenders.

The pre-qualification requirements placed on companies are intended to encourage competition and facilitate the bidding and tendering process while ensuring that the investments made by the Council on behalf of the district¿s residents are protected.

Organisation Details top

Organisation Name: Harlow District Council
Address: Civic Centre,
The Water Gardens
Town: Harlow
PostCode: CM20 1WG
URL: http://www.harlow.gov.uk

Contact(s) Details top

Title:    Mrs
Initials:    T
Given Name:    Tina
Surname:    McDermott
Position:    Contracts Manager
Address:    Civic Centre, The Water Gardens
Town:    Harlow
Post Code:    CM20 1WG
Country:    United Kingdom
Email:    procurement.team@harlow.gov.uk
Language:    English
Type of Contracting Authority:    Local Authority

Purchase Plans top

- Description of scheduled purchases, plans, policy and practices.

Procurement Plan

Harlow Council operates in accordance with clear procurement rules, which are set out in the Council's Constitution. Under these rules, the Council will usually seek full quotations from up to four suppliers for contracts valued at over £5,000 and below £50,000 and full tenders will be invited for contracts valued at or over £50,000. For larger contracts, European Procurement rules and thresholds apply.

Quotations and Tenders are evaluated using a set of criteria that is determined before the start of the procurement. Given the importance in public sector procurement of ensuring value for money is obtained and efficiencies and savings are made, the Council is focused on obtaining a good price for its works, goods and services. However, quality also remains an important aspect in supplier selection. Therefore our evaluation model will usually reflect a mix of price and quality criteria appropriate for the project.

Future Tenders/Planned Procurementstop

- Displays list of published Prior Information (PIN) Notices.

Current Tenders/Current Procurementstop

- Displays list of published current contract announcements, addendums, including cancellation notices.

Currently no contract information available.

Past Tenders/Awarded Procurementstop

- Displays list of published contract award announcements.

Currently no contract information available.

Other Informationtop

- Additional purchasing information.

Equal Opportunities
Harlow Council is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all people irrespective of sex, age, race or disability. The Council is keen to ensure that its suppliers abide by the law and are working to best practice in this area. All suppliers, as part of the pre-qualification or tender process, will thus be required to provide evidence that they have equal opportunities policies in place and are committed to them.

Environmental Policies
Harlow Council is committed to using the resources entrusted to it to ensure best value for money at the least possible cost to the environment. As part of this commitment to the environment, the Councils procurement policy will, wherever practicable, focus on.
  • specifying less environmentally damaging products.

  • promoting greater use of renewable sources.
  • encouraging suppliers to use environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process.

When applying for certain Council contracts, you may be requested to supply evidence of your practices and procedures as they relate to the environment.

Health and Safety
Harlow Council is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees and that of all others affected by its undertakings. Contracts to supply goods, works or services will only be awarded to suppliers who can satisfy the Council requirements in terms of resources required and their health and safety competence.

Suppliers appointed by the Council are expected to demonstrate compliance with current health and safety legislation including:
  • a commitment to the health and safety of its employees, clients and others

  • up to date health and safety policies and procedures

  • adequate risk assessment procedures

  • an adequate system of monitoring and reporting accidents, incidents and ill-health

  • access to competent health and safety advice

  • contracts are monitored to ensure compliance with contract standards and health and safety requirements.


Introduction |  Organisation Details  | Contact(s) Detail
Purchase Plans | Future Tenders/Planned Procurements | 
Current Tenders/Current Procurements
Past Tenders/Awarded Procurements  | Other Information